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July 31
Any compliant programs with missing or incomplete exit surveys lose compliance

August 1
Response by Fellowship Directors regarding letters of concern

August 15
Triennial and Quadrennial Reviews Due

August / September
Verification notices are sent by email

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Hans E. Grossniklaus, MD
Chair, Review Committee

Summer 2013  

Welcome to the summer issue of AUPO FCC's quarterly eCommunication.

Fellow Exit Surveys 2013

By now all fellow exit surveys should be in and complete. There are a few extenuating circumstances that have been noted. If we are missing any active fellow exit surveys your program is at risk of losing compliance if they are not received by July 31.

If there are any extenuating circumstances please email or call Michael Paulos (415) 561-8580.

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Triennial / Quadrennial Review Reminder: Due August 15th!

Many programs have already completed their review!

In mid-May we sent you a message letting you know if you are up for a triennial/ quadrennial review in 2013. This is a reminder that the reviews are due on August 15th. You will also need to comment on your 2013 graduating fellow's procedure, surgical or case logs in order to completely finish. Also be reminded that the review requires a letter from your program chair. Please take the time to request this letter in advance so that you meet the deadline.

To review the question list online: click on fellowship, choose your subspecialty, and click on Triennial Review Question List.

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Annual Fee 2013-2014
Thank you for submitting payment of your annual fee. For any programs that have outstanding invoices please pay immediately. You will lose compliance if payment is not received by July 15th.

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Verification Process for 2014 Incoming Fellows

Verification notice will be sent out in August by email. This will be an important step to complete. Completing the online verification form will allow your fellow to begin entering procedures, surgeries, and cases, (depending on your subspecialty) right away. They cannot start this log until they have been verified by you.

Have you shared the program requirements with your fellows? The most current copies are located on the AUPO FCC website under each subspecialty.

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Surgical / Procedure / Case Logs

It is now possible for a copy of the fellow's surgical log to be made available to you; simply ask your fellow to print a copy for you.

We encourage you to view these logs prior to your fellow(s) graduating to be sure your program is maintaining compliance based on your subspecialty program requirements.

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Change in Fellowship Director

Do you have a change in fellowship director? Please let us know. We would be happy to forward you an AUPO FCC bio sketch form and submit to for review and approval.

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Request for an Increase in Fellowship Positions

All requests for increases in the number of compliant fellowship positions must be received by May 1, 2013 to be eligible for posting for the 2014 available positions. Request for 2013 postings are now closed.

Increases in AUPO FCC Compliant positions may be requested by the Fellowship Director prior via letter or email. Along with the request please provide written approval from the parent institution department chair. The request will be presented to the Review Committee and recommendation or approval may be based on the submission of additional information at the discretion of the Review Committee.

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Other News

Long Term User Accounts to launch in the next two months. This will be a central location on the AUPO FCC website as a portal for fellowship directors to do the following under a secure login:

  • Review surgical logs of current fellows
  • Edit your contact information
  • Request an increase in fellowship positions
  • Verify fellows

For general information please visit the AUPO FCC website. Here are just a few things you can find there:

  • 2013 updated fellowship program responsibilities and deadlines
  • List of compliant programs
  • Archived newsletters

We welcome your feedback. Comments may be sent to Questions about information posted in the eCommunication should be directed to the appropriate staff contacts.

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