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Summer 2011  

Welcome to our second issue of AUPO FCC's quarterly eCommunication. We welcome your feedback. Comments may be sent to Questions about information posted in the eCommunication should be directed to the appropriate staff contacts.

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Verification of Program and 2012 Incoming Fellows

Verification will be sent out in August by email to compliant programs. This is an IMPORTANT step. Completing the online verification form will allow your fellow to begin entering procedures, surgeries, cases (depending on your subspecialty), right away. They cannot start this log until they have been verified by you.

Please check in with your fellows after your verification step is complete to be sure they have started recording their procedures using our online log system.

Change of Fellowship Director?
If there has been a change in fellowship director please take the time during this process to update us on who the new fellowship director should be along with appropriate contact information.

Have you shared the program requirements with your fellows?
The most current copies are located on the AUPO FCC website under each subspecialty.

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2011 Triennial Reviews

The AUPO FCC has a total of 62 programs under triennial review. Below is the break down by subspecialty:

Cornea 13
Glaucoma 18
Neuro Ophthalmology 04
Oncology / Pathology 04
Pediatric Ophthalmology 15
Surgical Retina will begin participating in 2012
Uveitis 09

REMINDER: Triennial reviews are due on August 15th. If your program is due for triennial review you should now have received an email reminder notice with detailed instructions, login and password. If you have any questions regarding the process do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

We encourage you to review a sample of a triennial review, choosing your subspecialty, and clicking on sample review.

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2011 Fellow Exit Surveys

The AUPO FCC had 243 graduating fellow exit surveys submitted within 7 subspecialties. Below is the break down by subspecialty.

Cornea 69
Glaucoma 53
Neuro Ophthalmology 15
Oncology / Pathology 04
Pediatric Ophthalmology 46
Surgical Retina 41
Uveitis 15

With only a few exceptions all programs had their fellows submit their completed exit survey on time. Thank you for making the process work!

Letters of continued compliance will go out during the month of August after the AUPO FCC Review Committee has reviewed all exit surveys.

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Request for an Increase in the Number of Fellowship Positions

All requests must be received by May 1, 2012 to be reviewed in time to be eligible for posting for the 2013 positions. Requests for an increase for 2012 positions have been closed.

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Other News

For general information please visit the AUPO FCC website. Here are just a few things you can find there:

  • List of compliant programs
  • Responsibilities and deadlines

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