Oculofacial Plastic Surgery (OPS)
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Applicants should apply with full knowledge of the Fellowship Program Requirements and Surgical Quotas. Please do not apply if these requirements cannot be met. We recommend you also review the sample questions.

During the application process a 1-Year Surgical Tally and Surgical List for the Fellowship Director (FD) will be required (template provided). Please click here to download the template (MS Excel spreadsheet format). Save the template on your system, complete it, convert into a PDF and save the PDF file on your system. Provision to upload the PDF will be found in Section 4 of the application on the "Faculty Roster and CV Uploads" page. ONLY PDF files will be accepted. Do not attempt to upload the template file. There will be an additional opportunity to download the template file on the "Faculty Roster and CV Uploads".

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Program Information

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Private Practice

TOTAL Number of Program Faculty

Please enter the total number of ALL faculty who will work directly with the AUPO FCC Compliant positions in your fellowship program.
Faculty includes:

  • Core faculty
  • Non-core faculty (oculoplastic trained but non-ASOPRS members)
  • Non-ASOPRS faculty (othersubspecialties)
  • Non-physician faculty (PA, RN, ocularist, estheticians)

Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology
Fellowship Compliance Committee